About the project

Implementing strategic plans, management of ZAMAN GROUP made a decision to develop deposits of metallurgical coals in Kyzyltau; ZAMANINVEST LLP was established for this purpose.
ZAMANINVEST LLP is a partner of National Company SGOS Pavlodar JSC on the development of the Kyzyltau deposit in Pavlodar region (right of subsoil use for the development of coal, protocol of direct negotiations between Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and JSC National Company Social and Entrepreneurial Corporation Pavlodar of 25.07.2012).
ZAMANINVEST is a young company that is under establishment and continues to develop its activity.    

General Information about the Kyzyltau Deposit

The Kyzyltau deposit is situated in Bayanaul district of Pavlodar region, in 180 km to the southwest from Pavlodar and in 150 km to the south from Astana-Pavlodar railway.
The Kyzyltau deposit is known since the middle of the last century and developed by small quarries.       

Characteristics of the Project on Coal Extraction and Coke Production in the Kyzyltau deposit       

Lifetime of the Kyzyltau deposit is 45 years. Estimated capacity of coal opencast mine is 3 million tons of coal per year.
New workplaces shall be established: during construction of opencast mine – 150 persons, during maintenance – 500 persons.