Competitive advantages

Competitive advantages of ZAMAN GROUP which are the platform for further successful development:

A large business scope of the Group

This scope of business is an important factor of the competitiveness in the segment of large corporate clients and may be the leverage for the continuous growth.     

Diversity of business

Diversified business of ZAMAN GROUP gives certain competitive advantages; availability of proper bank and leasing company makes this advantage a unique one.     

Stable corporate relations

In private business, ZAMAN GROUP is one of the largest financial and industrial groups of its region. Long-term effective co-operation with various organizations, large and medium, Kazakh and foreign, in different sectors permitted to establish a reputation as a reliable business partner, gain confidence of companies many of which became regular suppliers and customers of products and services of the Group.      

ZAMAN GROUP plans to continue its diversification strategy resulting in the development of existing and establishment of new businesses. Subsidiary company development strategy for 2013-2020 stipulates for the establishment of the diversified and rentable business projects, achievement and strengthening of companies’ positions in corresponding segments due to maximal use of possibilities and advantages of the Group.