About the company

Complex Ferroalloys Plant A and K was founded in Ekibastuz in 1998.

The idea to organize the production is directly related to the solution of problem of the enterprise’s metallurgical activity development through the use of unique natural features of Ekibastuz coal deposit and the original technology of Ferrosilicoaluminum (FSA) alloy.  This product is unique and was developed from coal fines by Kazakh scientists by experiments in Ekibastuz (the technology is patented and implemented in industrial production).

Today, Complex Ferroalloys Plant has two production facilities, auxiliary productions, research and development complex (RDC) and a team of high-skilled professionals able to solve their tasks.

Unique Product

Ferrosilicoaluminum has no analogues in the world. This is a complex alloy used as an efficient deoxidizing agent in the production of fully-killed and alloy steels, besides, it is used as a desoxidant in silicothermal production, containing 25% of aluminum and 55-65% of silica. The alloy’s efficiency in deoxidizing steel is due to increased affinity of deoxidizing elements, used in combination, to oxygen. In this case, the deoxidizing ability of aluminum and silicon increases by an order of magnitude providing the possibility to significantly improve the quality of steel with regard to non-metallic inclusions.  Ferrosilicoaluminum completely surpasses and replaces the traditional alloys - ferro-silicon and aluminum - in the production of ordinary steel grades at steel plants. Universal deoxidizing agent, obtained by Kazakhstani scientists, replaces almost all the remaining ingredients in the process of smelting alloy steel. Its use allows reducing the consumption of silicon and aluminum by 25 and 20%, respectively (compared to the conventional technology using ferrosilicon and secondary aluminum), producing the cast metal of denser structure, reducing the amount silicon-sulphide non-metallic inclusions and hot cracks visible on the cast slabs, as well as cost reducing the production cost of deoxidizing steel by 15%.