About the company

Cole Briquetting Plant

The Sarykol field Coal Briquetting Plant is a young company on its way of development. Resources and potential of the Briquetting Plant are far-reaching and have prospects of a long-term development.

Al-Maktub LLP Coal Briquetting Plant produces the solid fuel, which is new for Kazakhstan, and is one of the number of plants in the country, which produce coal briquettes. Today, it is the project with the equipment which does not have any analogues in the country.

Utilization of secondary raw materials and use of advanced technologies is the way to improve the competitiveness of production and products.

Processing and utilization of residual coal are important not only from the viewpoint of their use as an alternative source of energy but also from the viewpoint of environmental protection.

Coal production is technologically associated with formation of the considerable amount of the residual coal reaching up to 30% from the coal production. Modern technologies allow using those residuals as secondary raw material. The most innovative companies realize that today it is rational and cheaper to exclude or reduce the amount of residual coal on their formation sites.

That was the determinant factor in the start-up of Al-Maktub LLP’s construction project of the Sarykol field Coal Briquetting Plant. At present, the Plant is in operation, production of coal briquettes has been started up, and production capacity is to be reached in 2016.

Briquettes of small fraction and finely dispersed components of residual coal is a rational technique of raw materials recycling.